Mason County P.A.W.S.

Making Mason County a No - Kill Community, 
one cat and dog at a time.

Our Mission
We are making Mason County MI a No - Kill Community, one cat and dog at a time.  

We want to end companion pet homelessness in Mason County and to provide an alternative to the euthanasia of healthy, treatable, and adoptable animals. Our facility will be able to house these neglected and overlooked companion animals. When Animal Control becomes overcrowded, they eliminate the ones that have been there the longest, we will be able to house these wonderful dogs and cats.  If there are situations where death, illness, moving, or any other life changing events cause a person to have to relinquish their beloved furry pets. 

It is our privledge to provide the animals in our care with quality health care and enrichment.


Second Chance Humane Society
PO Box 132
Scottville, MI 49454


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